Water-Sewer Utility Service

The Village of Almena bills for water and sewer on a quarterly basis. If you've just moved please contact the Clerk-Treasurer immediately at (715) 357-6600. If you're moving in or out the meter will have to be read and update accounts. If you're moving in, please complete the Water-Sewer Utility Application and submit to the Clerk-Treasurer.  Payments can be made online: https://client.pointandpay.net/web/VillageofAlmena

Garbage Service

The Village of Almena currently contracts with R-Local Sanitation for your garbage needs. This applies to residential only. Commercial businesses are free to contract with who they choose to.

Garbage is picked up every Tuesday morning.  All garbage must be placed in the R-Local bin provided.  R-Local Sanitation may be reached at 715-822-3459.

Brush / Compost / Branches / Leaves

A free compost pile is located at the end of "X Avenue" off of Highway P. Turn by the Mosaic Telecom unit across from the Almena school. Please do NOT throw garbage or household waste in the brush pile. If you bring leaves in garbage bags please dump them out and take the bags back with you.

Cable / Internet

Local cable/internet service is provided by Mosaic Technologies.  Office number 715-458-5400


Xcel Energy is the local electrical company for the Village of Almena. Please call them directly (800) 895-4999

Natural Gas

Gas service is provided by W.E. Energies (800) 242-9137 (24 hours a day)